Sparkling wines (Frizzante / Spumante)

Prosecco wine and its perlage in a glass above a table, photo by Valerio R., London (2018)

The difference between terms FRIZZANTE and SPUMANTE for a wine is that the first describes a wine with bubbles while the second describes a wine with bubbles and with foam in the glass. More technically, sparkling wines carries at least 3bars of pressure in their bottle (at 20°C), while if there is pressure between 1 and 2.5bars, we have a frizzante. The reason why we have this pressure is that wine had a fermentation in a sealed environment. This can be a bottle or a type of winemaking equipment. BIANCO FRIZZANTE and BIANCO SPUMANTE are terms of classification for white wines made to be fizzy or sparkling, without other more stringent -Protected Origin- characteristics. These BIANCHI (whites) can be indeed of various tastes and styles.

Wine descriptions

Some FRIZZANTE and SPUMANTE are unfiltered, some are fruity and intense while some can be floral, crispy, and fresh according to the grapes chosen, the area of production, the winemaking techniques, the expertise of the winemaker. For example, IN UN SOL BIANCO of Siro Merotto has been bottled with its own suspended yeast, yet to the eyes is appears clear; smell is of ripe fruit, golden delicious above others, and patisserie (honey and bread); taste has richness and maturity inherited from the prise de mousse in bottle and the yeast residues; its secondary fermentation gives intensity of ripe and candied fruit and the smooth and long taste of custard, without undermining the acidic savoury balance.

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