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... some milestones


First import of wine from Sicily for Nero d'Avola variety; Salaparuta region was chosen for its superior quality on vineyard environment (terroir).


In November Grapebee delivered the biggest provision to a single client so far, made of 390 wine bottles. The 8th of November company name is changed to "Grapebee Ltd" (bee was chosen as a symbol of sustainability and relentless productivity).


First sale to a Michelin Starred restaurant in Mayfair it's a spark of proud because it sees our work on wines selection being recognized and appreciated.


First import of wine from France to UK following meeting with wine producers at wine fairs and further visits to their wineries in Bordeaux and Gascony regions.


First import of wine from Italy to UK is completed. We can store and deliver wines on-trade. First sale happens in February and from the 1st of April HMRC (government's customs office) approves company's request for be a registered wine merchant wholesaler (AWR Scheme).


Valerio Rosellini, native from Conegliano, Veneto (IT) incorporates this company first naming it as "Gamut Wine Merchant Ltd" (gamut means range) in London, UK, after having had past job experiences with different winemakers (between 2003 and 2006) and in commerce for winery stores and restaurant wine shops (between 2012 and 2016) in three italian regions (Veneto, Tuscany and Lombardy).

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